The local economy is so strong, that the biggest concern is not too few jobs, but too few trained workers.

The broad based local economic boom continues, with all employment sectors seeing increases in jobs in metro San Antonio in the past month, 1200 WOAI news reports.

"Every industry contributed to job growth in February," said Eva Esquivel of Workforce Solutions Alamo.  "We have been working diligently with area organizations to pool resources that will prepare our labor force, especially the emerging labor force of young people, for the growing number of job opportunities in the region."

The unemployment rate in the eight county metro stood at 5.5% in February, but the region added an amazing 9600 jobs, with  growth across the board, form local government to construction to especially the oil and gas industry.

Even financial activities, which had been struggling in recent months, added new jobs in February.

A total of 20,000 new jobs have been added in metro San Antonio in the past year.

The size of the work force is also setting records, as more and more people move to San Antonio due to the available jobs.

The 5.5% unemployment rate locally contrasts with a 7.0% nationwide unemployment rate.