The local economy stumbled a bit in July, but trends are strong with job growth over the past year continuing to be strong, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  The eight county metro lost about 7200 jobs in July, but Workforce Solutions Alamo says the bulk of those, about 5500, were teachers who were released from payrolls due to summer vacation.

  "We are sitting in a much better position than we were last year with jobs and the number of people employed," said Eva Esquivel, Communications Manager for WSA.  "The 2.3% job growth aligns with the predictions made at the beginning of this year, so we continue to work closely with employers to meet their hiring demands and jobseekers to adequately prepare them for the jobs in our region."

  The local unemployment rate stands at 5.2% today, but the size of the local workforce continues to set records.  There are now 1,064,000 people in the total eight county work force, as people continue to move here looking for work.  The size of the local work force jobs by about 1500 just in July.

  The local jobless rate is down from 6.4% in July of 2013.

  Other job losses in July included in Leisure and Hospitality and Professional services.  Mining, which includes oil and gas, continues strong.