Residents of Mahncke Park, just north of downtown, are fighting back against a ruling by the unelected Historic and Design Review Commission to allow a neighborhood to receive 'Historic Preservation' designation with only 30% of property owners in a neighborhood agreeing to the designation, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Residents protested with signs reading 'NO HISTORIC, Protect Property Rights!' and '30% is Theft, 51% Majority Should Rule."

  Residents of the neighborhood, which is off Broadway across from Lions Park, say an overwhelming number signed petitions rejecting the 'Historic Preservation' designation, but say the city plans to move forward with the designation anyway.

  "Mahncke Park's citizenry has defeated multiple attempts to declare it a 'Local Historic District' under the old ordinance, and is the first neighborhood 'guinea pig' under this new undemocratic process," Robert Sosa of the Property Rights Coalition of Mahncke Park told Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

  "Now, for the first time, 'historic designation' of a neighborhood can happen without a vote by the people in the neighborhood.  Rule by minority must be stopped."

  Residents are worried because under 'local historic district' status, city bureaucrats have to sign off on any significant alterations to property.

  "This government overreach must stop," Sosa said.