A retired U.S. Army Sergeant today pled guilty to shooting his girlfriend at Ft. Sam Houston last June, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Alvin Leon Roundtree, 52, walked onto the post, pulled a 45 caliber handgun and shot the woman seven times as she worked at the Medical Training Facility.  Investigators say before he opened fire, Roundtree berated the woman for leaving him.


  The woman survived the shooting, and Roundtree was immediately taken into custody.


  Roundtree faces up to twenty years in prison after pleading guilty to assaulting an officer or employee of the United States with a deadly weapon.


  Roundtree's nephew is awaiting trial on charges that he conspired with Roundtree to hire a hit man to murder the woman, paying the man $1,000 as a retainer, and offering $9,000 more after the murder had been carried out.