Mayor Ivy Taylor delivered her first major speech as Mayor today, telling the North Chamber of Commerce that because she is not running for re-election, she will be free to 'speak my mind' and tackle the big issues.

  "How do we help San Antonians educate themselves for tomorrow's jobs?" Taylor asked.  "How do we attract those jobs.  How do we come up with a transportation system that meets residents' needs now and in the future."

  Taylor also discussed her first major decision, made after she had been mayor for three days, to kill the city's controversial downtown streetcar plan.

  "Streetcars had just become a proxy in larger battles, whether those are about spending priorities, transparency in government, and even union negotiations."

  Taylor vowed to work immediately to implement the Non Discrimination Ordinance, which forbids discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.  Her opposition to the NDO on City Council was a point made by several citizens before council elected her to succeed Julian Castro as mayor.

  Taylor also pledged to appoint a Charter Commission to bring forward several proposals to place before the voters in 2015, one of which, she suggested, may be to give the people, not the council, the right to fill mayoral vacancies.

  And she also ended another controversial proposal the city is facing.

  "I have also asked the City Manager to indefinitely postpone the new storm water fee schedule," she said to loud applause.  The proposed change in the storm water fee, which could have cost some businesses thousands of dollars, was becoming a controversial issue at City Hall.