The Mayors for Educational Excellence Tour stops in San Antonio today, with mayors of several major cities looking into San Antonio's efforts to innovate and improve education for all children, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  The group, Mayors for Educational Excellence, says since efforts to reform education at the federal level have stalled, it's time for local officials to pick up the slack.

  One area the group will tour today is Cafe College, the one stop shop for college bound high school kids.  Mayor Castro says it has significantly improved college acceptance rates.

  "And also, the leadership role that San Antonio is taking in educating our young people with Pre-K for SA," Castro told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.

  The mayors of San Antonio, Denver, Sacramento, and Providence are taking turns visiting each other's cities to see what is working, and what has sparked significant improvements in educational performance.

  Castro says the group will spend much of its time at Pre-K for SA.

  "You are going to get more students doing well, completing high school and going on to college," Castro said.  "San Antonio is on a better path due to Pre-K for SA."

  Pre-K programs are all the rage nationwide, with mayors in New York city, Chicago, and nationwide looking at San Antonio’s program as an example for other communities.