Following the deaths of two children in San Antonio after they got their hands on guns that had been left lying around the house, Police Chief William McManus is issuing a heartfelt appeal to holders of Concealed Handgun Licenses---lock up your guns!

  "When you get home, put your gun in the safe, every time," he said.  "Every gun, every time, locked in the safe, and then you don't have to worry about anybody else getting ahold of it."

  McManus says his concerns about gun safety stem from some of the 'horrific' things he has seen in forty years in law enforcement.  He says he is a proud supporter of the Second Amendment, and of citizens right to bear arms.

  "This isn't about gun control," said McManus.  "This is about gun safety.  I own a lot of guns, I hunt, I shoot, my guns are locked tightly in a safe every time I come home with them."

  McManus says officers are instructed on the safe way to handle weapons, and keep them away from children.

  He says one thing that he hears all the time is that gun owners 'need to have their guns handy' in case an intruder comes in.  He says that argument against locking up guns is ridiculous, and 'won’t fly.'

  "If you say, I have got to have my gun out and accessible, because someone may break into my house, that's not an excuse," McManus said.  "Just try using that excuse if a child gets ahold of that gun.  It's not going to fly."