Life has suddenly changed for Spurs backup point guard Patty Mills.

  Australian media report that Mills will undergo an operation to repair the torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder, which is his shooting shoulder, due to an injury which he carried for most of the Spurs championship season.

  And to make things worse, Mills was planning to test the NBA free agency market for the first time.

  The Sydney Morning Herald reports Mills will be out seven months, and could miss up to four months of the 2014-2015 season.

  Mills told the Sydney paper, "I haven't been through free agency before, but this injury changes everything."

  It's the first time Mills has been an NBA free agent, and his performance with the Spurs during their title winning campaign was expected to fetch him offers of up to $5 million.

  Australian media say Mills will go 'straight into surgery' and won't be able to move his arm at all for four to six weeks,  Mills calls it 'brutal.'

  He says right now, he is 'devastated' that he won't be able to represent Australia in the upcoming World Basketball Cup tournament.

  Mills' future with the Spurs is also in doubt due to the injury.