A scrotum-ripping San Antonio mother has been sentenced to two years in federal prison.

Jennifer Vargas, 34, will also spend five years on probation.

"I regret my actions and I love my children with all my heart," she broke down crying in court this morning.  "I beg for forgiveness."

According to court papers, Vargas became angry with her six year old son last year and pulled hard on the six year old's genitals, creating a nearly two inch tear in his scrotum.  Afterwards, she cleaned his bloody penis with alcohol, used superglue to close the wound and stuffed paper towels in his underwear before sending him to bed.

It was the boy's father who, upon returning to their home on Ft. Sam Houston, discovered the blood-soaked pajamas and rushed him to the post hospital. 

"He's doing well.  He's recovered," Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah Wannarka told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.  "He's living with his father and doing very well in school."

After eleven years of marriage, the pair have since filed for divorce.

Vargas, who's greying hair matched the stripes on her faded prison jumpsuit, has a lengthy criminal history that involves the assault of an ex-husband and drunk driving.