San Antonio already has Cafe College to convince high schoolers to go on to a university education, and now the city is opening Baby Cafe, to encourage young moms to breast feed their babies, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Norma Sifuentes, who operates Baby Cafe, says mother's milk is 'liquid gold' for a newborn.


  "Babies can be protected from things like asthma, obesity, even be protected from diabetes later in life if they are breast fed," she said.


  Research indicates that breast feeding is also beneficial to the mother as well, protecting her from getting certain types of cancer later on.


  Baby Cafe will be located near Loop 410 and Callaghan.  Sifuentes says young mothers and pregnant women can come in and talk about health issues related to pregnancy, 'in the comfort of a non clinical, cafe style environment.'  She says lactation consultants, dietitians, and peer counselors will be on hand to answer questions.


  Sifuentes says breast feeding has gone out of style among women of all cultures in the 'process foods era' of the last forty years or so, and it is in the best interests of everybody that women return to breast feeding again.


  "Breastfeeding has become something that is not the norm," she said.  "We need to change that.  It is something that is very natural. In any culture, that should be the first thing that baby gets."


  Sifuentes says Texas has state laws that protect women who want to breast feed in public places.