The 2015 San Antonio city budget will be released later today, and the word at City Hall is the budget will not pick your pocket, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  "There will not be a tax increase in this budget," Northside Councilman Joe Krier said.  "I would not support a tax increase in this budget."

  When council was informally polled during a recent work session, council members voted narrowly to instruct City Manager Sheryl Sculley to put together the budget without a property tax rate hike.

  But Krier says that doesn't mean the city won't be raking in a lot more money.  Property values have skyrocketed due to the local real estate boom, and residential and commercial construction is on a fast track, leading to more taxable properties on the rolls.

  Krier also points out that revenues the city collects from CPS Energy are also up.

  Krier says now is the time for a 'back to basics approach' to city spending.

  "What I expect to see on the budget is basic city services, streets and drainage, police and fire, parks and libraries," he said.

  One issue which has not been resolved is the so called 'crowd out.'  That is Sculley's term for the fact that the expense of police and fire health benefits is growing so rapidly, they threaten to 'crowd out' the rest of the city's speeding for those parks and libraries.

  The city has been in negotiations with the San Antonio Police Officers Association and had hinted that it had hoped an arrangement would be reached before this budget was presented.

  But the SAPOA has taken a hard line on the negotiations, accusing Sculley of 'lying' about the budget, and the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association has not even agreed to participate in the talks.

  The proposed budget will face several public hearings before it is approved in mid September.