The stated goal of the Affordable Care Act was to get more uninsured Americans under some form of medical coverage.  But Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports that, despite all the expense and disruption of Obamacare, fewer than two percent of Texas' roughly one quarter of the population that was uninsured before Obamacare has coverage today.

  The study by shows that 26.8% of Texans were uninsured in 2010, before the law was passed.  Today, 24.81% of Texans lack coverage, which again makes Texas the state in the nation with the highest percentage of uninsured.

  All of the sound and fury of Obamacare cut the Texas uninsured rate by 1.99%.

  And some states, according to the study, actually have a larger percentage of their population uninsured today than were uninsured in 2010.

  The study shows nationwide, the number of uninsured did fall, from 17% before to about 14% today.

  There were some winners.  West Virginia, for example, saw its uninsured rate fall from 17.3% to 6% due to Obamacare.

  Supporters of Obamacare blame Texas' failure to substantially improve it's insurance figures to Gov. Perry and the Republicans rejection of Medicaid expansion that was included in the bill.

  Republicans in Texas and other states said they were concerned that the state would eventually be left holding the bill for the future costs of Medicaid expansion.  Perry referred to Medicaid expansion as 'like booking more passengers on the Titanic.'