Fiesta, with its new schedule, begins tomorrow, but District Attorney Susan Reed is warning today that there will be no tolerance for drunk, distracted, or out of control driving, 1200 WOAI's Berit Mason reports.


  "It is so important from a lot of perspectives," Reed said.  "First of all for safety.  But secondly, you don't want to do anything that is going to engender road rage."


  April is generally among the worst months of the year for drunk driving accidents and arrests in San Antonio, due largely to Fiesta.  And with fiesta running a record 17 days this year, officials are worried that gives individuals more opportunities to drive drunk.


  "We will have our DWI patrols out," she said.  "The Fiesta Commission and Silver Eagle have also arranged the cab rides which they have offered for several years, that's very important."


  Reed says there has not been a DWI fatal in the last three Fiestas, and she wants to extend that streak to four years.


  "You also don't want to get yourself a ticket and you also don't want to harm anyone," she said.  "Just be respectful of others on the road and give the other driver some space."


  She says in addition to indications that a driver is drunk, they will also keep an eye out for people who are texting or e-mailing behind the wheel...and people who may be distracted due to having too many people in their car.