A major wholesaler of cocaine and other illegal drugs in San Antonio and the surrounding area was arrested today in what police called 'Operation Ghostbuster,' after the fact that the suspect had eluded them, and became a ghost, for nearly a decade, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  "Because for the last ten years, he has been evading the police," San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said.  "He has been on the top ten most wanted list for Bexar County."

  In coordinate lightning raids this morning, officers arrested George Yanis, who is said to have been a major supplier to street dealers in the area for a decade.

  "In the early morning hours we served seven search warrants," McManus said.  "Seven arrest warrants were served simultaneously."

  McManus says Yanis was cuffed without incident at a home in South Bexar County.  He will face federal charges of conspiracy to district large quantities of cocaine.

  Four others were also arrested.  McManus says $250,000 in cash was seized, and the feds will attempt to seize five homes owned by Yanis and his confederates as proceeds of an illegal drug operation.