A 'polio-like disease which has struck some two dozen children in California, leaving some without the ability to move their limbs, has local parents on edge, local pediatricians say.


  Dr. Ricardo Quinonez of Children's Hospital of San Antonio says there have been no cases of this unknown disease in San Antonio, but that hasn't stopped parents from being worried about it.


  "We have not heard of any uptick in either our emergency room or in the inpatient setting, which is where I work, of any kids presenting with this," Dr. Quinonez told 1200 WOAI news.


  Physicians say the origin of the disease is unknown, but it is definitely not polio, which terrorized families for decade until Jonas Salk developed the first vaccine in the 1950s.  Doctors say the routine polio vaccinations kids get today do not protect them against this new disease, and it's origin is uncertain.


  Quinonez says parents should not overreact if they find their child with 'weakness' or other symptoms.


  "We actually get patients who have these types of symptoms all the time," he said.  "Its just a case of looking at kids who present more severely, like the kids in California."


  He says so far, no children have appeared suffering the major symptoms that are part of the California outbreak, including complete loss of control over limbs.


  But he says parents should be aware of the disease and be prepared to deal with it.


  "A case of sever weakness where a child cannot stand up, has problems with daily life activities, or is unable to do things that the child normally would do easily, these are the cases where the parent should take the child to the emergency room or seek medical advice right away."