So just how politically toxic is that proposed downtown streetcar plan?  A new poll by the respected Austin based pollster Baselice & Associates commissioned by the County Judge Campaign of former San Antonio Councilman Carlton Soules says it's as toxic as can be.

  When asked if they would be less likely to support a candidate who backs the streetcar, an amazing 60% of all Bexar County residents said yes.

  Among Republicans it's 80%, but even a plurality of Democrats and independents say the quarter billion dollar streetcar project is a dumb idea.

  "These results, in conjunction with the 26,000 petition signatures submitted to the City Clerk's office, clearly demonstrate that the public is against both streetcars and those politicians who would stand in the way of the public voting on the future of the project," Soules said.

  Only about 25% of Bexar County voters said they would 'more likely' to vote for a candidate who backed the streetcar, with the rest of the voters undecided.