The emotional debate over the future of abortions in Texas hit Main Plaza Thursday night, as anti abortion and pro choice demonstrators squared off in front of San Fernando Cathedral, Newsradio 1200 WOAI's Berit Mason reports.

  A group of pro choice activists, let by the group staged the protests as part of what they call the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride.

  "The people need to understand the attacks on women's rights, the attacks on birth control, these have never been about babies," one protester said.  "This has always been about the control of women, and whether women will be slaves to their reproduction."

  There were no problems as pro life demonstrators held up signs on the other side of the plaza.

  The pro choice demonstrators say they are urging a federal judge to throw out those tough new abortion restrictions approved by the 2013 Legislature.

  "Even if he rules, you will still have a disastrous situation where all of these clinics have already closed," the protesters said.

  In Austin earlier this week, the protests got rowdy, with several of the pro choice demonstrators arrested.  There were no such problems at Main Plaza.