Long time home schooling leader and former Boerne church official Doug Phillips is fighting back today against allegations raised by his former nanny that he 'groomed her to be his sex object.'


  "This more seems like an attempt to kill a Christian movement than it does just as an attack against Doug Phillips," Jason Jakob, who is Phillips' attorney, tells 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.


  The plaintiff, Lourdes Torres, claims in her lawsuit that Phillips forced her into a relationship which featured frequent sexual assault, imprisonment, and participation in deviant sexual activity.  As part of the lawsuit, Torres claims that Phillips told her he had a right to abuse her because his Christian movement, called the 'Patriarchal' or 'Quiverfull' movement, given men 'as agents of God,' complete dominion over women.


  The Quiverfull movement is best known through the reality TV show '19 Kids and Counting,' and the Duggar family of Arkansas, who are leaders in the fringe Christian sect, are held up as examples of the success of patriarchal beliefs.


  But Jakob says the demand for $20 million from Phillips sounds like more to him than just a request for a redress of grievances.  And he says the idea that Phillips held Torres hostage and engaged in constant sexual abuse against her doesn't jell with the facts.


  "Mr. Phillips was gone all the time with vision Forum ministries," he says.  "He is not a pastor who would be with her on a daily basis."


  Jakob says Torres "is just after a paycheck."