A grass roots effort begins today to convince San Antonians to agree to an across the board ban on those cheap 'single use' plastic bags which are a staple of grocery and big box stores, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Representatives of several local environmental and civic organizations will gather at City Hall to begin making the case to council to approve a bag ban.


  Andrew Dobbs of the group Texas Campaign for the Environment says it is critical that something be done about the flurry of plastic bag litter.  One city study indicated that discarded single use plastic bags account for nine percent of the litter collected by the city.


  "This pollution is killing wildlife and harming our environment," Dobbs said.


  Councilman Cris Medina had proposed a broad based plastic bag ban, but his proposal was withdrawn following a contentious meeting with business groups. The measure has not resurfaced, and is not on the agenda for today's Council Governance Committee meeting.  That is the committee which discusses new initiatives.


  So Dobbs says it is time for council to realize there is strong support, not just from environment groups, but from church and business organizations as well.


  He says nine Texas cities, including Austin and Brownsville, have bag bans in place, and they are seeing strong results.


  "IN every community, the nine communities in Texas large and small which have tried this, have all found it to be a successful policy," he said.


  Also appearing at tonight's media event will be 'Bag Monster.'  Dobbs says that is a creature dressed in 'hundreds of single use plastic bags,' which he says will 'speak in favor of pollution.'