The San Antonio area is getting an aquarium.

  Claudia Mora with the City of Leon Valley says construction is underway on the Aquarium, which is being built on the site of the old Fiesta Dodge dealership on Bandera Road just outside of Loop 410.

  The Aquarium will feature sharks, sting rays, and various types of exotic fish, as well as interactive exhibits.

  Mora hopes it brings business to the suburb.

  "What we're looking for is an increase in sales tax revenue for Leon Valley," she said.  "Hopefully you stay in Leon Valley for lunch or dinner when you're at the Aquarium, and that's what we're hoping this project will do for us."

  The San Antonio Zoo currently houses the Richard Friedrich Aquarium.  This will be a free standing, aquarium only attraction.

  "It’s going to be really interesting," Mora said.  "Nothing that is unusual, but different in the sense that it's educational and interactive."

  The for-profit Aquarium is being built by the same company that opened the Austin Aquarium last year.

  The Austin Aquarium says on its web page, "The Austin Aquarium promotes education through an interactive experience in a comfortable environment.  Kids and adults alike are sure to be amazed at the soft skin of sharks and rays among other experiences."

  Mora says plans are for the Aquarium in Leon Valley to be open by March.