16 years after wanna-be rapper Ray Jasper cut the throat of recording studio owner David Alejandro as part of a robbery to steal recording equipment from Alejandro's San Antonio studio, Jasper is set to die for the crime at the end of a needle tonight in Huntsville.


  San Antonio attorney Jeff Mulliner, who put Jasper on death row as a first chair Bexar County Prosecutor, says Jasper has always avoided taking any responsibility for his murderous actions.


  "He denies responsibility for the end product, which is that a wonderful man is no longer with us," Mulliner said.  "He has never told anybody, that I am aware of, that 'I'm sorry for that'."


  Evidence at Jasper's 1999 trial indicated that the crime was well planned, to the point that Jasper booked a bogus session at Alejandro's studio specifically so he could kill him.


  At his trial, Jasper claimed that although he admitted cutting Alejandro's throat, it was one of two other men he was with that night who did the actual killing. Alejandro was stabbed 25 times.


  "He is relying on the law of parties," Mulliner said.  "He is saying that I was not the cause of his death, so this is an unfair thing that is happening to me,"


  In fact, Jasper appears ready to continue his self pity party right up to the moment of execution.  He has several appeals before appeals court, making arguments ranging from 'I didn't do it,' to 'the jury that convicted me was full of racists.'


  The jury, by the way, took 15 minutes to convict Jasper.  All of his appeals have so far fallen on deaf ears.