An ex-con who was caught with a huge collection of child pornography is going to prison for eleven and a half years.

Leon Ridgeway will be serving a ten year sentence for the perverted pictures and another year and a half sentence because federal agents found a collection of guns in his home.  A long track record of theft, burglary and drunk driving means he was not eligible to own a firearm. 

"In every facet of his life, he is a danger to the community," Assistant US Attorney Sarah Wannarka told the judge.

Undercover investigators with Homeland Security in Beaumont were tipped off to Ridgeway's carnal desires.  He was sharing several videos where little girls were not only raped by adults, but also videos where there were animals involved. When they searched his computers, they found he was using search terms like "rape," "bondage" and "gaggers."

"Animals and little girls?  Is that what you like?" Federal Judge Fred Biery asked. 

 Defense attorneys tried to paint their client as someone with a low IQ who had a "sickness," referring to his addiction to  kiddie porn.  That didn't sit well with Judge Biery, who at times called the videos "awful" and "really gross.

"We take these cases very seriously," Wannarka tells Newsradio 1200 WOAI.  "We protect the most vulnerable people in our community, and in doing so people like this are prosecuted."