A former San Antonio Sunday school teacher has pled guilty to amassing what the FBI describes as one of the most violent collections of child pornography they've ever seen.

Jacob Holguin, 41, was caught by an undercover agent in Ohio whom he told that he preferred to receive pictures and videos of little girls being raped. 

"I like to see them forced," he said, according to the plea agreement.

Little was said in federal court this morning.  Asked why he did it, Holguin replied that it was "wrong" and "stupid," which seemed to not sit well with Federal Judge Fred Biery.

"Don't you think it's sick?"  Biery lashed out, to which Holguin hung his head and agreed.

Holguin taught Sunday school to grades four through six in late 2011 and 2012.  At his detention hearing, it came out that he felt called by the Lord to serve in the church.

He faces up to 30-years in federal prison when he's sentenced this September.