San Antonio traffic congestion is getting worse, largely due to the region's booming economy, but a comprehensive report by the GPS maker TomTom says the mess we face on the highways every day isn't nearly as bad as the congestion in most other major U.S. cities, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  San Antonio is the 33 worst city in the country and the 43rd worst in the Americas when it comes to traffic congestion.  San Antonio's traffic situation is not only better than traffic in Houston (14th worst in USA), Austin (16th) and Dallas Fort Worth (29th) the local traffic situation is better than a lot of smaller cities, like Nashville, Tucson, and Sacramento.

  Nick Cohn, who is the Chief Congestion Officer, definitely one of the coolest job titles anywhere, for TomTom.  He says the average urban American spends much of his or her life stuck in traffic.

  "They end up losing the equivalent of ten work days a year, or 80 hours stuck in traffic," he said.  "You can imaging what individuals could do with that time."

  He says San Antonio drivers lose a little less than that.  He says the average local motorists with a 30 minute total daily commute, which is about average, spends 59 hours a year stuck in traffic.

  In san Antonio, the worst morning to commute is Wednesday, and the worst afternoon to commute is Thursday.

  At any given time, 15% of local roadways are congested.  That number jumps to 28% during morning drive, and 41% in afternoon drive.  As with almost every other major city in the country, local surface streets are far more congested than interstates.  Surface streets are congested 22% of the time, but Interstates are congested only8% of the time.

  If you drive for one hour in a 'peak period,' defined as the height of morning and afternoon rush hour, you will spend 21 minites of that hour stuck in traffic.

  Congestion in San Antonio is worst in the fourth quarter of the year, second worst in the first quarter, and best in the second and third quarters.

  The single most congested day of the year for San Antonio highways is the second Friday in December.