The City of San Antonio wants to attract Virgin America Airlines to San Antonio International Airport, but it is not going about it the usual way, by making appeals to airline executives in meetings and at conventions.


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@richardbranson This Texas city loves @VirginAmerica and would welcome you whole heartedly!
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  The Airport has begun a social media campaign, and is encouraging San Antonians to send 'Tweets' directly to Virgin CEO Richard Branson, urging him to consider San Antonio in his next expansion round.


  "We want to let Richard know that San Antonio is ready for Virgin America," airport spokeswoman Nora Castro said.  "We would love to have him here in San Antonio."


  The San Francisco based airline,  is expanding into Texas.  It recently began service to Austin Bergstrom Airport, and will move into Dallas Love Field in October. Branson's Virgin Group is a shareholder in Virgin America.


  Castro says residents can join in the social media campaign.


  "They can hash tag 'SAT Wants Virgin," she said.


  Virgin is known for its gadget friendly seating, with entertainment centers at every seat in First and Budget classes.


  "We have wonderful airlines here in San Antonio, and the addition of Virgin Airlines would be great from the city."


  No comment from Virgin.