A 23 year old Central Texas man today pled guilty in federal court in Austin to recruiting individuals to go to Syria and join a violent Islamic jihad, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Rahatul Khan, 23, pled guilty to one count of attempting to provide material support and resources to terrorists.

  He faces 15 years in prison when he is sentenced.

  Khan admitted that he intended to provide to a co-conspirator a confidential human source who Khan believed to be a person interested n participating in violent jihad overseas.

  The plan was for the co-conspirator to travel to Somalia where persons would then engage in violent jihad.

  A second Central Texas wanna be jihadist who was actually arrested at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston while attempting to fly to Turkey to go on to Syria to engage in the jihad there pled guilty last week.

  "Rahatul Khan's admissions during this morning's guilty plea should serve as a sobering reminder that we need to remain vigilant in our efforts to detect and root out terrorism, even in our own back yard," said U.S. Attorney Robert Pitman.