Local school districts are on 'high alert' today, even though police have said they think a bizarrely-worded e-mailed threat sent by a person helpfully identifying him or her self as 'the San Antonio serial killer' is a hoax, possibly designed to force the closing of schools and give the hoaxer a four day weekend,


  "It's something we normally don't have at the elementary schools but we will be increasing patrols and that sort of thing, and everybody, of course, is on high alert," said Aubrey Chancellor of the North East ISD.


  At the Northside ISD, which was the object of many of the threats, officials are implementing what they call the 'Controlled Access Plan' at elementary schools today.  That includes postponing any school activities that 'could result in having visitors to campus.'


  Northside ISD says the alert remains high despite police reassurances that the threat is 'not credible,' largely because 'the individual who wrote the threatening e-mail has not been apprehended.'


  At Northside elementaries, only one entrance to the school building will be open, and all individuals coming in will be subject to strict ID checks.


  Northside is also limiting outside activities by students today.


  In the North East ISD, Chancellor says similar plans are in place.


  "There will be limited visitors on campus, and many events at the elementary schools have been cancelled," she said.


  The districts have gone out of their way to be transparent about these threats.  Some elementary parents tell 1200 WOAI news they have gotten three or our letters and calls from the schools keeping them up to date on the threats and the implementation of strict security measures.


  Tomorrow is the Battle of Flowers school holiday, and many detectives think the e-mail was an attempt to convince schools to close today so the hoaxer could have another day to sleep in.


  Didn't work.  Northside says today will be considered a mandatory attendance day, and any students who don't show up will NOT be granted an excused absence.