The trend toward taking 'selfies' everywhere has resulted in an odd side effect, an increase in elective plastic surgery.


  Dr. John Morehead, who is a plastic surgeon at the U.T. Health Science Center, says the most frequent patients requesting plastic surgery are the people who are most likely to be caught up in the 'selfie,' craze...young women.


  "In the youthful, especially women, younger and younger group of people are taking on a level of attractiveness that they are really not ready psychologically to deal with," Dr. Moorhead told 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez.


  Experts say because of the craze to take pictures of yourself at every situation and in every environment, young people are uniquely in a position to examine their appearance and find it lacking.  Especially since selfies are generally taken in groups with other young people, so individuals can compare their appearance instantly with others.


  "I think the standards of beauty are still the same,"Dr. Moorhead said.  "What we may be rewriting is the level of acceptability of certain levels of attractiveness and appearance."


  He says people who come into his office to get plastic surgery to take better 'selfies' are most likely to ask for 'nose jobs' and eyelid surgery.


  Dr. Morehead says the younger people receive plastic surgery, the more likely they are to have it again and again, racking up far more procedures than the average patient, who may be in his or her fifties when they first go under the knife.


  "It seems like as the acceptability in society of attractiveness altering procedures increases and they are being done at an earlier age, that is setting the stage for them to be done again and again, repeatedly as life rolls on."