An emergency shelter on Lackland Air Force Base, which was set up to handle a surge of immigrant children from Central America is being closed by the feds.

"We are able to take this step because we have proactively expanded capacity to care for children in standard shelters, which are significantly less costly facilities," Spokesman Kenneth Wolfe says.  "At the same time, we have seen a decrease in the number of children crossing the southwest border."

The shelter at Lackland was one of three shelters on military bases.  Similar facilities at Fort Sill Army Base and Naval Base Ventura County-Port Hueneme are being shuttered as well.

"We expect the Ft. Sill facility to no longer be caring for children by August 8.  The other two facilities will also continue to phase down and we expect them to end operations over the next two to eight weeks," Wolfe says.

HHS is leaving open the option to reopen the shelter at Lackland in the future if there is another surge in immigrant children.