A Bexar County grand jury today indicted a Sheriff's deputy for murder in connection with a bizarre incident last August, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Deputy Anthony Thomas, 38, was involved in a minor traffic accident at Loop 1604 and Lookout Road in the early hours of August 31.


  After the cars pulled off to the side of the road, the other motorist, Mathew Jackson, approached Thomas, who was still in his car.


  Thomas, who was off duty but wearing his sheriff's department badge, opened fire on Jackson, killing him instantly.

  Sheriff Susan Pamerleau says Thomas has been placed on adminsitrative leave.  He is current a courthouse security officer, and has been with the sheriff's department for sixteen years.

  Pamerleau says her officers have conducted a thorough investigation of the case.

  "I have always been confident in the ability of our detectives to conduct a thorough and fair investigation," Pamerleau said.  "This is a tragic incident in which one family lost a loved one, and other family's loved one will face a criminal trial."

  Thomas faces 5-99 years in prison if convicted.