Six Flags Fiesta Texas, as well as the Six Flags theme park in Arlington, are encouraging its best customers to give them the finger.


  In a move to speed entrance times and to make a park visit more enjoyable, Sydne Purvis of Six Flags Fiesta Texas says season pass holders will no longer be asked to bring a photo i.d. to the park, they will simply ask for a finger instead.


  "You will take your right index finger, place it on the scan, and then you will be given a card, a season pass card, with a bar code on it," Purvis said.


  "The bar code will be married to a numeric value that is assigned to your finger scan, and we will know it's you."


  She says the entire process will take 'about ten seconds.'


  Now that the Six Flags theme parks are getting more involved in water parks, they have been coming up with ways to lighten the load of customers.  This will enable season pass holders to leave their licenses, purses, and wallets at home, and not risk them getting wet in the water park, or flying out of their pockets on the Iron Rattler.


  "That's the way we can verify that it is actually you using that pass," she said.


  Purvis said the finger scan system will enable Six Flags season pass holders to also participate in other amenities which can be purchased with the pass.  That information will be transferred by finger scan as well.