The Border Patrol in South Texas is reporting a disturbing development.  1200 WOAI news reports officials are seeing a spike in the number of undocumented immigrants who have been convicted of rape, in many cases child rape, attempting to sneak back into the United States after they have been convicted here, served their sentences, and have been deported.


  In the Del Rio Sector alone, supervisor Jose Castro says they have apprehended 20 convicted sex offenders since the beginning of the current federal fiscal year alone, more than the 18 they apprehended in all of FY 2013.


  "We are averaging at least one significant arrest per week since the beginning of the year," Chief Rodolfo Karisch said.


  Castro says the undocumented immigrants, who come from both Mexico and Central America, are making a beeline, oddly enough back to the place where they committed their crimes and were arrested and convicted.


  "Most of the individuals are going back to the location in the interior of the United States where they have committed this act," he said.


  Castro says this makes it not just a border problem, but a problem affecting the entire country.


  "Those are the places they are familiar with.  The cycle is to return to the environment where they were operating before."


  Castro says more convicted sex offenders are being captured because more people in general are being captured by the Border Patrol in south Texas.  The Border Patrol Sectors between Eagle Pass and Brownsville recently surpassed Tucson as the busiest border crossing in the country for undocumented immigrants, as well as for weapons and human smuggling efforts.