The State of Texas, which has seen its economy boom due to hydraulic fracturing, is considering placing new restrictions on the oil extraction process known as fracking, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  The concerns are being led by north Texas residents who are concerned about a flurry of earthquakes in their area, and are afraid there is a connection to fracking.

  Dr. Craig Peterson, a seismologist hired by the Texas Railroad Commission, told the Commission that the real problem isn't the horizontal fracking itself, but it is the disposal of water and fracking chemicals in so called 'injection wells' that is leading to the earthquakes.

  "We believe that it is that change in pressure that is effecting existing faults in the earth and is allowing the earth to move," he said.

  "We are going back to the science and engineering which will allow us to do, by a case to case basis, the leel of influence."

  The Commission is considering requiring heightened monitoring of injection wells by drilling companies, and is threatening that well permits could be 'terminated' if violations of the new rules occur.