Teas House Speaker Joe Straus is proposing an unprecedented examination of the operations of key state government departments, what he calls a Strategic Fiscal Review, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Straus is urging Texas House budget writers to examine state agencies responsibilities, costs, and operating practices, to see 'whether they could carry out their missions with fewer employees and resources.'

  "This process will allow legislators and agencies to have a needed conversation about the role of government, the use of taxpayer dollars, and the priorities that we set as a state," Straus said.  "It's a more comprehensive approach that will give legislators better information to use when making budget and policy decisions."

  The first agency to be examined, interestingly, will be the Governor's Office, which will be changing hands in January.  Other agencies under the microscope include the Department of Public Safety, TxDOT, and the Public Utility Commission.

  "By starting withy a small number of important and visible agencies, we are taking the first step in a larger process of more closely evaluating how every taxpayer dollar is used," Straus said.  "Our experience with these agencies will help the House expand SFR to other areas of state government in the near future."

  Straus says taxpayers demand 'fiscal restraint' in government operations.