Two strippers are suing a local 'gentleman's club,' claiming that the bills stuffed into their g-string aren't nearly enough, and the club is violating federal wage and hour laws.

  Lawyers for the strippers tell 1200 WOAI's Michael Board that Tiffany's Cabaret failed to pay the exotics dancers overtime, and required the strippers to donate some of the cash they were given by customers to other employees, including the disc jockey, the club bouncer, and an individual described as the 'house mom.'

  "Defendants required that plaintiffs use their tips to pay 'house fees' to the club itself," the lawsuit states.  "As such, defendants misappropriated plaintiff's tips, and plaintiffs now bring this lawsuit to recover tips lost as a result of defendants illegal pay practice.'

  The lawsuit claims that Tiffany's routinely charged the dancers fees, including the fee the club incurred processing credit card charges, and what are called 'dance vouchers.'

  "Federal law does not permit an employer to transfer to its employees the responsibility for the expenses of carrying on an enterprise," the lawsuit claims.

  At the heart of the lawsuit is a long running argument over the nature of the compensation received by strippers at clubs.  Many of the clubs have long maintained that the strippers are independent contractors, and some even charge the strippers for dancing there, a claim that is not made in this lawsuit.

  But this lawsuit claims that dancers are employees who receive 'tips,' and as such are covered by labor law regulations covering tipped employees.