With all of the texting, selfie taking, status update posting and instagram uploading going on during Sunday night's Game Five at the AT&T Center, its amazing that anybody in the arena had any time to actually watch the game, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Lisa Marie Gomez of AT&T in San Antonio says during game five, the 19,500 fans at the AT&T Center sucked up more than 182GB of bandwidth, which she says is an amazing amount.

  "That is more than 394,000 social media posts, with photos," she said.

  She says AT&T installed a special device called a Distributed Antenna System to make sure that all of the social media needs of the fans would be met.  She says without the DAS system, which was also installed at the Coliseum grounds during the Stock Show and Rodeo, lots of smart phones would have shown hourglasses and twirling circles instead of successfully sending electronic messages.

  Gomez says the bandwidth used during Sunday night's Game Five was almost double the band width used in the last regular season game of the year in April.

  In the final hour of Sunday night's game, fans also set a record, using more than 43GB just in that hour.

  "122,000 social media posts and photos which were being sent and received," Gomez said.  "That is phenomenal; we have never seen that before."

  She says that includes a variety of types of electronic communication.

  "They're taking pictures and they're taking videos and they're posting selfies and they're posting on Facebook and they're posting everywhere else."

  Those numbers add up to the equivalent of more than twenty social media posts during Game Five for every man, woman, and child in the AT&T Center Sunday night.