The Texas Democratic Party says it's time for the state's Republican elected leadership to rein in those armed 'citizen militia groups' which are deployed along the border, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports. 

  On Friday, a Border Patrol agent fired four shots at an armed man he saw wearing ‘BDU style’ clothing in Cameron County, thinking he was with an immigrant smuggling group.

  Turned out the man was a member of an armed militia.

  Democratic Party spokesman Emmanuel Garcia says this has gone on long enough.

  "This proves once again that the presence of vigilante militia groups is dangerous for our law enforcement officials and unnecessary," Garcia said.  "These militia are a distraction from keeping our communities safe.  They are wasting the time and energy of our Border Patrol."

  The group says they are performing the exact same duty that the Texas National Guard is performing along the border, helping the Border Patrol and local law enforcement keep an eye out for immigrant smugglers and drug cartel members who are sneaking into Texas.

  The Cameron County Sheriff says the militia member was on private property and had permission to be where he was, and says the man committed no crime.

  The Sheriff's office points out that the militia member dropped his weapon and immediately identified himself when the shooting began.  He says the militia man, who was not identified, did not return fire.