So what is there to be afraid of?  Turns out, if you live in Texas, quite a bit.

  The real estate web site 'Estately,' says Texas is the third scariest state in the country, when measured in terms of the prevalence of the 12 things that Americans say we are most afraid of, from spiders to hurricanes, to dentists, bears, and clowns.

  Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports with a ranking of Number one in spiders, number two in both hurricane sand snakes, number five in prison, and number seven in tornadoes, Texas is, in Estately's words, a 'preview of the apocalypse.'

  Texas is also 40th in the U.S. in black bears, 26th in clowns (YIKES!), 13th in flying, based on annual airline passengers, 6th in shark attacks, 42nd in the number of dentists per capita, 39th in meth labs, 36th in lightning strikes, 18th in volcanoes, and 22nd in murderers.

  The scariest state in America is Florida.  The least scary is South Carolina.