It's the Rockpile like you've never seen it. 

  The 74 year old Alamo Stadium, which was built by the Depression-era Works Progress Administration and opened in 1939, will show off two years of renovations when it hosts Lanier and Central Catholic in the first game of the new football season on August 28.

  Kamal ElHabr, who is the SAISD's Associate Superintendent for Facilities Services, says the old stadium will look very new to fans who flock through the gates for football and soccer games, band events, and other school festivities.

  "There are exciting features like the new score board, the locker facilities, the press box," he said.  "Everything is new and ADA compliant.  The field is beautiful, it's must wider, we can play soccer now."

  The stadium will be officially unveiled to the public on Saturday.  The $35 million renovation plan was part of the SAISD's 2010 bond package.

  AlHabr says the electrical and plumbing systems are all new, as well as the lighting, sound systems, security, and lighting.

   He says care was taken, however, to preserve the WPA era gems inside the building, including muraled walls and a tiny statue of the Virgin Mary which has been embedded in the south end of the stadium since it opened.

  The digital scoreboard, AlHabr said, which is the most amazing feature.

  44 feet wide by 24 feet tall, the Daktronics digital scoreboard with video display is comparable to the scoreboards fond at many major universities.  It can offer video replays and close up images of fans in the stands, as well as the student athletes and the band.

  The old bench seating, which is familiar to people who say San Antonio Gunslingers games at the stadium in the 1980s, has been completely torn out and replaced.  The locker rooms are brought up to t21st century standards, as have the concession stands.