Black Friday Junior is coming this weekend.

  Chris Bryan of the Texas Comptroller's Office says the back to school tax free weekend, which has grown to become the second biggest shopping weekend of the year, behind only the three days after thanksgiving, gets underway on Friday.

  "Back to school lists come all at once, and if you have multiple children going back to school at once, that list gets a little pricey," Bryan says.  "We hope that this can relieve the burden."

  The Tax Free Weekend, which started in the 1990s, has become one of the most popular things the state of Texas does.  When the Legislature, in the 'recession session' of 2009, discussed eliminating the sales tax holiday as a way to raise more money for the state, lawmakers got more calls and e-mails from citizens then on any other single issue.

  Bryan says it's huge no matter how you look at it.

  "All those qualified items under $100 are exempt from all sales taxes," he said,  "On average, that saves shoppers about $8 on every $100 they spend."

  It saves even more here, where San Antonio’s sales tax is maxed out paying for Pre-K for SA as well as the Advanced Transportation District, VIA Metro Transit, and other agencies which get a chunk of the sales tax pie.

  Many stores are planning early openings Friday morning and even 'door buster specials' to encourage the opening of wallets and purses during the holiday.

  The items which are tax exempt during the holiday include common school supplies like  lunchboxes, notebooks, and calculators, but the list of tax exempt items can be somewhat bizarre, and many have nothing to do with going back to school.

  Items like adult diapers, bowling shirts (in case The Dude is returning to school), bow ties, for that especially well dressed fourth grader, chefs uniforms (for students in culinary school), and 'nightgowns and nightshirts' are also tax deductible.

  And, if you want to look ahead to the end of the school year, graduation caps and gowns are also tax deductible.