When the San Antonio built Toyota Tundra says 'Made in America,' it means Made in America.

  Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports that the Tundra is on the new cars.com top five list of the vehicles sold in the USA which have the largest number of USA sourced parts, and which are totally assembled in the United States.

  The list comes out right before the Fourth of July.

  But cars.com editor in chief Patrick Olson says true Made in America vehicles are getting harder and harder to find.

  "We were down to only 10 vehicles that were actually eligible to be on the list this years," Olson told Newsradio 1200 WOAI.  "Down from 15 last year, 20 the year before that, and thirty the year before that."

  He says to qualify a vehicle has to have at least 75% USA sourced parts, has to be assembled in the USA, and has to have strong sales, because the more vehicles are sold, the more USA automakers have jobs.

  Olson says the Tundra fits all of those requirements, with room to spare.

  "The Tundra is on here because it has more than 75% domestic parts," he said.

  And he says Tundra sales are hot because the pickup sector is hot.

  "Pickup trucks have been in a boom for the last two years since the energy sector has come back, housing has come back, and the economy has come back."

  The Tacoma, which is also built in San Antonio, is not on the cars.com list, because about half of all Tacomas are built in Mexico.

  Figures released on Tuesday show that even though Tundra sales flattened out in June, they are still up a healthy 13% year to date, and that is over very strong sales in 2013 that pushed employment at the south side Toyota plant to record highs, and prompted plant officials to expand overtime, operate on Saturdays, and even consider a third shift.

  Ironically, three of the five most 'Made in the USA cars' are Japanese nameplates.  The Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Camry are also on the list.