This time, both Cain AND Abel are in big trouble.


  San Antonio twin brothers, Javoone and Davonne McFadden, 18, were arrested last night in connection with the murder of an Afghan war veteran in a far west side park last week.


  Ronald Casillas was shot to death last week in Rainbow Hills park.  Police said at the time they thought the shooting was the result of a drug deal gone bad.


  Police Sergeant Javier Salazar told 1200 WOAI as the brothers were brought into the police station early today that detective work by several police agencies led to the arrest.


  "As it turns out, shortly after the shooting when these suspects fled the scene, the vehicle they were in was actually stopped by Alamo Heights Police Department on Broadway," Salazar said.  "It was a traffic stop unrelated to the shooting."


  He says the AHPD officer found a gun in the car and arrested one of the brothers for illegal carrying of a weapon.


  "Later, one of our detectives who was doing research ran a computer check and found that this same suspect had been arrested in Alamo Heights.  That allowed the detectives to make the connection they needed to make the arrest tonight."


  Salazar said more arrests are possible.


  "It sure was fortunate that the Alamo Heights officer did what he needed to do that day and made the case."


  Salazar said more arrests in the murder are possible.


  "It looks like it started out as possibly a drug deal that turned into a robbery, and my understanding is that people on both sides produced weapons and starting shooting at each other.  The victim turned out to be on the losing end of that."