Two people, identified by the medical examiner as a man and a woman in their eighties, were killed early Tuesday in a spectacular fire at their north side home, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Firefighters got the call about  midnight for heavy smoke in the 2000 block of Basse Road, which is between West and San Pedro.


  But District fire Chief Oscar Gonzalez says when they arrived, firefighters discovered a raging fire with flames shooting twenty feet into the air out of one side of the home.


  "We had a single story structure that was heavily involved with fire on our arrival," Gonzalez told 1200 WOAI news on the scene.  "We were able to make a brief interior attack.  But the structure quickly became untenable for us and we had to back out."


  Video of the scene shows firefighters putting water onto the flames from the outside, but declining to enter the inferno.


  "At this point we are still investigating, but it does appear that we have two victims who are deceased in the structure," Gonzalez said.


  Firefighters said there were stacks of 'combustibles' inside the home which made getting into the house difficult, and also made it difficult to fight the fire.


  The Medical Examiner could not release the age of the victims, but did confirm they were a man and a woman.    They are believed to be husband and wife.


  The home is a total loss and there was also significant damage to a house next door.  No word yet on a possible cause of the fire.