A San Antonio bus rider Wednesday appealed an Austin judge's ruling that anybody who continues fighting VIA Metro Transit in court has to post a nearly $4 million bond to cover VIA's expenses, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Jeff Judson, a spokesman for the San Antonio Tea Party, says the ruling was 'one sided.'


  "Judge Yelenosky failed to follow court procedure in his initial rulings, which were reversed by the 3rd Court of Appeals," Judson said.  "So George Alejos is appealing again to the Third Court of Appeals to set aside the bond and to rule on the merits of Alejos' case against VIA, that they are illegally using ATD taxes to build the streetcar."


  Alejos, who describes himself as a 'bus rider,' is a member of the League of United Latin American Citizens.  He claims that the streetcar will siphon so much money out of VIA's treasury to pay for debt service on the downtown project to provide streetcar service to rich Anglo downtown elites, that it will result in reduced service to San Antonio's Latino low income citizens who rely on bus service.


  Alejos also claims that using money from the 2003 Advanced Transportation District sales tax increase is illegal, because VIA at the time promised that none of the sales tax money would go to 'light rail.'


  Yelenosky ruled on Tuesday that anybody who appeals his ruling that the use of ATD money to pay for three mass transit stations, which in the future will link into the streetcar, must first post a $3.88 million bond to cover VIA's projected expenses caused by the 'unnecessary delay of the project.'