The Metro Health District says the four people in Bexar County who had been exposed to potentially deadly Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome on a connecting plane flight are out of the incubation period for MERS, and none has come down with any of the symptoms of the disease.

"Since the average incubation period of the MERS virus is 5 days, it is highly unlikely that any will become ill," the District said in a statement.  "NO other exposures have been reported to Metro Health.

1200 WOAI news reported exclusively earlier this week that four local people were in a flight with one of the two people who have been diagnosed with MERS in the United States.  They were being 'monitored' by local health officials, and two of the four have provided blood samples.

Since none of the four actually traveled to Saudi Arabia, where the disease is most prevalent, officials say it was unlikely that any of them would actually get the disease, which was first identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and has killed more than 100 people since then.

Officials say the blood tests are being forwarded to the Centers for Disease Control for analysis.