This is primary election day in Texas, and Texas Secretary of State Nandita Berry says counties are allowed to open polls late and keep them open past 7PM if necessary due to weather conditions.


  Travis County has already announced that it will not open its polls until 11AM today.


  As for turnout, Berry told 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez that turnout was good during early voting.


  "We've had a 6.8% turnout for the eleven days of early voting for this primary," Berry said.  "That is comparable to the 2012 primary, so we hope to get good numbers," she said.


  This is a more interesting election than most off year statewide elections in Texas.  Due to Governor Rick Perry's retirement, multiple candidates are running for Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Agriculture Commissioner on the Republican ticket, meaning there will certainly be runoffs in those races.


  In Bexar County, most of the interest has been in a handful of races.  Commissioner Tommy Adkisson is challenging veteran Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff and attorney Nicholas LaHood and long time Bexar County Prosecutor Therese Huntzinger are vying for the Democratic nomination to face veteran Republican District Attorney Susan Reed in the general election.


  The fields are much more crowded in local Republican races.  Former Congressman Francisco Canseco is facing two familiar opponents, former CIA operative Will Hurd and physician Robert Lowry for the District 23 Congressional nomination to face the Democrat who defeated Canseco in 2012, Pete Gallego.


  And State Sen. Donna Campbell, a controversial first termer who beat veteran Senator Jeff Wentworth in the 2012 Republican primary, is being challenged for renomination by San Antonio businessman Mike Novak, and former San Antonio Councilwoman Elisa Chan.


  This is also the first candidate election which includes a requirement that voters show a photo i.d.  Berry doesn't expect any problems to emerge.


  "If for whatever reason they forget to take a photo i.d. they can still cast a provisional ballot," Berry said.  "Then they have six days to go to the voter registrar and show a valid photo i.d. and have their vote counted.