You might not think that The Tea Party and the fiery La Raza Unida movement of the 1970s have much in common, but leaders of both groups stood shoulder to shoulder today to denounce that expensive downtown streetcar plan.


  Activist George Rodriguez said the Tea Party, LULAC, and other groups agree that the streetcar is a really lousy idea.


  "Anybody who stands for streetcars and for the continuation of the downtown development robbery should be voted out, should be voted against," Rodriguez said.


  Conservatives oppose the streetcar plan, which has now ballooned to $430 million, because they think it is a waste of money.  Liberal groups are denouncing it because they say it will force VIA Metro Transit to cut into traditional bus service which low income people rely on to support the streetcar, to support what LULAC leader Henry Rodriguez called 'the ricos,' Spanish for 'rich.'


  The groups say, even though the streetcar is not on the ballot in the primary election that begins today, voters should defeat any politicians who are on the ballot who back the streetcar.


  Former San Antonio Councilman Carlton Soules, who is running for County Judge and will face streetcar backer Nelson Wolff in November if Wolff survives a primary challenge urged that the election become a referendum on streetcars.