You too can be 'on the road again.'


  The classic tour bus used by Willie Nelson and his band in the 1980s is for sale on Craigs List.


  Alan Vidovic, a friend of Willie's who was enlisted to act as the agent for the bus sale, tells 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.


  "The owner redid the sleeping quarters in the back of the bus," Vidovic said.  "But it still has a country music theme, you can tell by the layout and by the style."


  The 1983 Eagle is classic 1980s, complete with crushed velvet interiors and captain's chairs, but Vidovic says don't expect any leftovers.  Even the seeds and stems have been cleaned out.  It doesn't even smell like marijuana any more.


  "There have been people tell me that they walked in there when he owned it, and there was plenty of smoke in there, but now there's a really pleasant scent."


   Expect your road trip to be an expensive one.  The bus gets 8 miles to the gallon, a throw back to the days when gas was about $1.20 a gallon.


  There is even a 'We Love Willie' sign over the windshield.


  Vidovic says he plans to get the bus to a happy new owner some time this week.