College kids ask me all the time how to do what I do for a living and my stock answer is I honestly have no idea. I applied for a weekend part time reporter's job at ESPN Radio in Dallas in the Spring of 2001 and got hired mostly because an amazing guy called Ralph Strangis went to bat for me with the new managers of the station. Ralph is the long time play-by-play man of the Dallas Stars. From there to here is a hard explain.

I don't why it's been a success in San Antonio all these years but I suppose it has something to do with timing, luck and yes, believe it not... I actually put a little effort into it. I think it's successful because a lot of people that listen feel like they know me. I'm not afraid to discuss my personal life (to an extent) and pull back the curtain on not only what I'm doing on a given day but what goes on at the station. Any idiot can watch a football game and fire off a bunch of opinions on what he saw but if you want people to keep coming into your store you have to some how build a relationship with them. You have to be consistent and you have make people laugh. I have a wife who looks like a goddess. I make her laugh. I dang sure didn't get her because my teeth are off yellow, my paunch expands annually or because I have swollen areola and I'm short. Even with hard work though, saying funny crap and being consistent it still may not work in the long run but for whatever reason San Antonio has taken a shine to me.

I hope it works in Austin too and I mean that. I don't mind all the haters (you can't succeed without em) and hopefully by the end of the year people will start to embrace the show. It takes balls to admit that you like my show. I'll remember who was there for me in the beginning and who wasn't. It's on an AM niche station and it's only on 6-8am so it's not like I'm in total control of my fate there... but I'll keep trying. Lord knows you couldn't have two cities that close to one another that are that different from one another. If I can make it work in both cities than I really do kick sports' ass.