UT President Bill Powers has never taken part in a football HC search. This current Board of Regents has never had to approve a new hire before. Many uncharted waters here in the next few weeks at Texas and just because they're Texas doesn't mean they can't screw this up.

Chip Kelly as a candidate is laughable if it's true. Surely he's not that disloyal of a person that he would just bail on The Eagles after all the good he's done in just 1 year. If he would leave them now that means he's not to be trusted. If he'd bail on the Eagles he'd bail on the Longhorns. They need somebody stable.

I also don't buy the Jim Harbaugh rumor. His career arc has targeted going to the NFL and now that he's there I don't see him going back to college. He's great in the NFL. If he is floating this rumor himself (or the agent) than I believe he just wants to scare the 49ers. He's pulling a "Saban".

The Big Money Longhorns have the future at stake right now. They are a divided lot and they need to put aside their differences and get on the same page, at least for the coaching hire and make sure they get the right guy. As I've also mentioned more than once get The Rat or The Rats out of the program now. They don't care about the program or else they wouldn't make the program look bad by floating stuff to internet rags.